License Management Software

The License Management software helps organisations to actively track and renew/amend multiple licenses well in advance to avoid risks of non-compliance. Its intuitive features help users to easily track and ensure organisations are always compliant with the license requirements of the organization.

Easy to use UI/UX and filter features help track the status of all licenses and ensure a track record of the history of each license so that all communications around procurement, amendment and renewal of licenses are tracked and stored in a single location.

License Management Module Features

Automated Document Checklists

Get accurate document checklists that are well tested so that your license never gets rejected due to the insufficiency of documents. The checklists are constantly updated so that only relevant documents are presented to the authorities.

Auto Document Gathering

Simpliance’s intelligent document gathering systems ensures that if a document already exists in the platform, then the same will be auto-populated instead of again asking them from customers. This helps save time for stakeholders engaged in getting licenses for an organization.

TAT and SLA Management

Building a transparent service culture has been a key aspect of Simpliance Service Delivery. SLAs and TATs are automatically tracked to ensure all licenses are procured on time.

Interactive Dashboards

Simpliance, as always, has intuitive dashboards so that leaders can focus on what matters most and hence do not waste time going lengthy and incomprehensible data points presented in manual systems.