Simpliance Remo

Understanding and being compliant with regulations, policies and guidelines applicable to organizations globally or at the site level is a prerequisite for an effective compliance and risk management program. Simpliance’s Regulatory Compliance Management platform standardizes compliance processes, manages change to applicable regulations and helps eliminate compliance deviations.

Simpliance provides a 'drilled-down' live dashboard and real-time status of all compliances with risk scores in the company, enabling businesses to avoid the risk of non-compliance through improved analysis, real-time regulatory reporting and effectual crisis management. The software allows businesses to easily configure regulatory compliance requirements tailored to their organization.

Simpliance Remo Features

Regulatory Intelligence

Gather, analyze and monitor regulatory information and data post updation of the risks and control parameters for your business. Automated alerts keep you informed about the updates and notifications.

Compliance Environment and Process Design

A flexible framework allows you to integrate multiple risks and compliance initiatives with structured processes and controls in the right places reducing non-compliance risks.

Issue Management

Identify and document control issues and set risk priorities and redressal plans in place. Issue/crisis management and history logs enable intuitive compliance resulting in faster closure of incidents.

Regulatory Reporting and Metrics

Drilled-down live dashboard provides real-time status of all compliances with risk scores in the company. Configurable regulatory reports support monitoring of key controls and assessing your compliance status.