Simpliance Remo

Understanding and being compliant with regulations, policies and guidelines applicable to organizations globally or at the site level is a prerequisite for an effective compliance and risk management program. Simpliance's Regulatory Compliance Management platform standardizes compliance processes, manages change to applicable regulations and helps eliminate compliance deviations.

Simpliance provides a 'drilled-down' live dashboard and real-time status of all compliances with risk scores in the company, enabling businesses to avoid the risk of non-compliance through improved analysis, real-time regulatory reporting and effectual crisis management. The software allows businesses to easily configure regulatory compliance requirements tailored to their organization.

Simpliance Remo Features

Access to a comprehensive knowledge platform covering all domains like

✔   Fiscal, Corporate & Commercial Laws

✔   Environmental, Health & Safety Laws

✔   Core Industry-Specific Laws

✔   Labour, Employment & Industrial Laws

This brings clarity on applicable laws and automatically updates task lists in case of amendments

•   Configuration of entire business environment-- Group companies & Branch offices

•   Facilitates collaboration between multiple stakeholders across departments

•   In-built maker checker control with customizable approval levels

•   Customizable tasks based on a company's internal policies

•   Easy retrieval of documents for reviews

•   Periodic email notifications to track tasks & delays

•   Compliance continuity through a system-enabled reassignment process

•   Generation of different types of reports

•   Multi-factor Authentication

•   Issuance of Compliance Certificate