Minimum Wage

As per the Indian Constitution, 'Minimum Wage' has been defined as the level of income for skilled and unskilled workers which ensures a sustaining standard of living while also providing for some measure of comfort. A minimum wage not just supports the bare level of employment, but also seeks for viable continuous improvement. It aims at preventing exploitation of labour.

Minimum Wages For States Across India

The states which impose minimum wages in India are listed below: (Click on the state name for more details)

Effective date:11th Jul, 2022

Fixation and Revision of Minimum Wages

Under the Minimum Wages Act, 1948, both Central and State governments have dominion over fixing the wages. The State governments fix their scheduled employments and further release the rates of Minimum Wage along with the VDA (Variable Dearness Allowance). Wage boards are set up to review and fix minimum wages at specified intervals. The wage rates in scheduled employments differ across states, sectors, skills, regions, and occupations owing to a lot of differentiating factors. Hence, there is no single uniform minimum wage rate across the country and the revision cycle differs for each state.

Scope and Applicability

Minimum Wages Act was enforced to ensure that employers did not exploit employees with insufficient wages. The Act applies to all establishments, factories, places of business and industry types. Unscheduled industries are generally excluded, though a state can add a minimum wage for an occupation or specify it for a sector during a revision cycle.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Under-payment and non-payment of Minimum Wage are deemed an offence under the Central Act. The penalty may range from up to 5 years imprisonment and a fine of Rs. 10,000 (under Section 22 of the Act).P


Latest Minimum Wages for Shops and Establishment in Sikkim

Important Note: The Sikkim Minimum Wages Notification (July 2022)

Effective from Date: 11th Jul, 2022 Updated As On: 12th Oct, 2022
Class of Employment Category Total Per Day
Unskilled Chowkidar (Watchman) 500.00
Unskilled Peon 500.00
Unskilled Sweeper (Safaikaramchari) 500.00
Unskilled Server 500.00
Unskilled Waiter 500.00
Unskilled Cleaner 500.00
Unskilled Ordinary Worker 500.00
Unskilled Packer 500.00
Unskilled Helpers 500.00
Unskilled Office Boy 500.00
Unskilled Nursery Watcher 500.00
Unskilled Earth Excavator 500.00
Unskilled Earth Digger 500.00
Unskilled Mali 500.00
Unskilled Khalasi 500.00
Unskilled Shop Assistant 500.00
Unskilled Weigh Man 500.00
Unskilled Service Boy 500.00
Unskilled Water Boy 500.00
Unskilled Air Boy 500.00
Unskilled Jali Workers(Cement Concrete Pipes) 500.00
Unskilled Assistant Pipe Fitter 500.00
Unskilled Bull Caretaker 500.00
Unskilled Boar Caretaker 500.00
Unskilled Cook 500.00
Unskilled Dog Catcher 500.00
Unskilled Dresser 500.00
Unskilled Dairy Care Taker 500.00
Unskilled Egg Recorder 500.00
Unskilled Field Worker 500.00
Unskilled Grass Cutter 500.00
Unskilled Helper ( Operator Machineries) 500.00
Unskilled Helper (Fitter Operator) 500.00
Unskilled Horse Attendant 500.00
Unskilled Kion-Yeer 500.00
Unskilled Laboratory Boy 500.00
Unskilled Line Assistant 500.00
Unskilled Milk Carrier 500.00
Unskilled Patrol Man 500.00
Unskilled Poultry Caretaker 500.00
Unskilled Power House Cleaner/Oil Man 500.00
Unskilled Room Attendant 500.00
Unskilled Hospital/Dispensary Attendant 500.00
Unskilled Yak Attendant 500.00
Unskilled Mule Attendant 500.00
Unskilled Pony Attendant 500.00
Unskilled Driver (Donkey, Mule, Horse, Yak, Ponies Etc) 500.00
Unskilled Zoo Keeper Grade IV 500.00
Unskilled Worker Grade IV Of Directorate Of Handicrafts & Handlooms 500.00
Unskilled Security Guard (Without Experience) 500.00
Unskilled Any Other Category By Whatever Name Called Which Are Of An Un-Skilled Nature 500.00
Semi Skilled Assistant Fitter (Mechanic) 520.00
Semi Skilled Assistant Black Smith 520.00
Semi Skilled Assistant Gold Smith 520.00
Semi Skilled Assistant Welder 520.00
Semi Skilled Assistant Painter 520.00
Semi Skilled Hammer Man 520.00
Semi Skilled Assistant Baker 520.00
Semi Skilled Head Attendant (Handloom Industries) 520.00
Semi Skilled Coal Man 520.00
Semi Skilled Pump Man 520.00
Semi Skilled Polisher 520.00
Semi Skilled Gate Keeper 520.00
Semi Skilled Booking Assistant 520.00
Semi Skilled Machine Labour 520.00
Semi Skilled Earth Breaker 520.00
Semi Skilled Rock Excavator 520.00
Semi Skilled Hole Driller 520.00
Semi Skilled Spray Man 520.00
Semi Skilled Stone Breaker 520.00
Semi Skilled Conductor 520.00
Semi Skilled Booking Clerk 520.00
Semi Skilled Ticket Checker 520.00
Semi Skilled Time Keeper 520.00
Semi Skilled Store Keeper 520.00
Semi Skilled Switch Man 520.00
Semi Skilled Duplicating Machine Operator 520.00
Semi Skilled Sales Man 520.00
Semi Skilled Assistant Pipe Manufacturer 520.00
Semi Skilled Press Man (Metallic) 520.00
Semi Skilled Castingwala (Metallic) 520.00
Semi Skilled Cutter (Metallic) 520.00
Semi Skilled Circle Cutter (Metallic) 520.00
Semi Skilled Assistant Mistry (Motor Body Building) 520.00
Semi Skilled Puncture Fitter 520.00
Semi Skilled Tyre And Tube Mistry 520.00
Semi Skilled Assistant Line Man 520.00
Semi Skilled Assistant Switch Board Operator 520.00
Semi Skilled Assistant Turbine Operator 520.00
Semi Skilled Bill Distributor 520.00
Semi Skilled Carpenter Grade II 520.00
Semi Skilled Carpenter Grade III 520.00
Semi Skilled Compressor Operator 520.00
Semi Skilled Crane Operator 520.00
Semi Skilled Engine Operator 520.00
Semi Skilled Field Assistant 520.00
Semi Skilled Field Enumerator 520.00
Semi Skilled Filter Operator 520.00
Semi Skilled Fitter Grade II 520.00
Semi Skilled Fodder Builder 520.00
Semi Skilled Librarian (Without Diploma) 520.00
Semi Skilled Lathe Man 520.00
Semi Skilled Line Man 520.00
Semi Skilled Mason Grade I 520.00
Semi Skilled Mason Grade II 520.00
Semi Skilled Meter Reader-Cum-Bill Clerk 520.00
Semi Skilled Mechanic 520.00
Semi Skilled Painter Grade II 520.00
Semi Skilled Painter Grade III 520.00
Semi Skilled Pipe Fitter Grade I 520.00
Semi Skilled Pipe Fitter Grade II 520.00
Semi Skilled Revenue Assistant 520.00
Semi Skilled Rigger 520.00
Semi Skilled Stone Crusher Operator 520.00
Semi Skilled Supervisor 520.00
Semi Skilled Switch Yard Attendant 520.00
Semi Skilled Switch Operator 520.00
Semi Skilled Sub-Station Attendant 520.00
Semi Skilled Senior Assistant Turbine Operator 520.00
Semi Skilled Tailor 520.00
Semi Skilled Dhobi 520.00
Semi Skilled Cobbler 520.00
Semi Skilled Barber 520.00
Semi Skilled Tractor Helper 520.00
Semi Skilled Turbine Operator 520.00
Semi Skilled Vibrator Operator 520.00
Semi Skilled Mixer Operator 520.00
Semi Skilled Junior Weaver 520.00
Semi Skilled Ordinary Workers (Underground Works Such As Mines, Tunnels, Dams Etc) 520.00
Semi Skilled Sikkim Herald Packer & Distributor 520.00
Semi Skilled Zoo Keeper Grade III 520.00
Semi Skilled Worker Grade III Of Directorate Of Handicrafts And Handlooms 520.00
Semi Skilled Security Guard (Five Years Experience Class X Passed, Head Guard) 520.00
Semi Skilled Barefoot Engineer 520.00
Semi Skilled Any Other Categories By Whatever Name Called Which Are Of A Semi-Skilled Nature 520.00
Skilled Electrician 535.00
Skilled Fitter Grade I 535.00
Skilled Carpenter Grade I 535.00
Skilled Spray Painter 535.00
Skilled Painter Grade I 535.00
Skilled Artist 535.00
Skilled Litho Machine Man 535.00
Skilled Litho Press Man 535.00
Skilled Radio Man For Offset Machine 535.00
Skilled Flat Machine Man 535.00
Skilled Line Operator 535.00
Skilled Mono Operator 535.00
Skilled Composer Grade I 535.00
Skilled Head Cook 535.00
Skilled Head Baker 535.00
Skilled Quality Controller 535.00
Skilled Cutter (Tailoring) 535.00
Skilled Senior Weaver 535.00
Skilled Turner 535.00
Skilled Moulder 535.00
Skilled Plant Operator Masson 535.00
Skilled Mason Class I 535.00
Skilled Machine Man 535.00
Skilled Chemist 535.00
Skilled Chemical Analyst 535.00
Skilled Blender 535.00
Skilled Foreman 535.00
Skilled Boiler Attendant 535.00
Skilled Operator (Cinema) 535.00
Skilled Air Conditioner Operator 535.00
Skilled Head Munshi 535.00
Skilled Cutter (Timber) 535.00
Skilled Laboratory Technician 535.00
Skilled Radiographer 535.00
Skilled Radio/TV/Computer Mechanic 535.00
Skilled Photo Artist 535.00
Skilled Manager (Petrol Pump) 535.00
Skilled Technical Supervisor 535.00
Skilled Head Mistry (R.C.C) 535.00
Skilled Compositor 535.00
Skilled Binder 535.00
Skilled Computer Operator 535.00
Skilled Dancer/Singer/Musician 535.00
Skilled Kang-So-Pa 535.00
Skilled Demand Clerk 535.00
Skilled Draughtsman 535.00
Skilled Handmade Paper Worker 535.00
Skilled Lower Divisional Clerk/Typist 535.00
Skilled Librarian (With Diploma/Degree) 535.00
Skilled Light Vehicle Driver 535.00
Skilled Senior Pipe Fitter 535.00
Skilled Tracer 535.00
Skilled Welder Cum Denter 535.00
Skilled Semi Skilled Workers (Underground Works Such As Mines, Tunnels, Dams Etc) 535.00
Skilled Zoo Keeper Grade Ii 535.00
Skilled Worker Grade II Of Directorate Of Handicrafts And Handloom 535.00
Skilled Security Guard ( Eight Years Experience Plus Class XII Passed, Security Supervisor) 535.00
Skilled Barefoot Engineer With Skill Certification From Accredited Skill Training Institutions 535.00
Skilled Any Other Categories By Whatever Name Called Which Are Of A Skilled Nature 535.00
Highly Skilled Heavy Vehicle Driver 565.00
Highly Skilled Bull Dozer Operator/Driver 565.00
Highly Skilled Excavator Operator/Driver 565.00
Highly Skilled Roller Driver 565.00
Highly Skilled JCB Driver 565.00
Highly Skilled Plumber/Welder/Foreman/Electrician/Draughtsman/Computer Mechanic Having I.T.I Or Any Other Diploma Certificate 565.00
Highly Skilled Skilled Workers (Underground Works Such As Mines, Tunnels, Dams Etc) 565.00
Highly Skilled Zoo Keeper Grade I 565.00
Highly Skilled Workers Grade I Of Directorate Of Handicrafts And Handloom 565.00
Highly Skilled Security Guard (8 Years Experience With Minimum Graduation Or Ex-Army In The Rank Of JCO) 565.00
Highly Skilled Barefoot Engineer With ITI NCVT Certification Or Diplomo From AICTE Recognized Institution 565.00
Highly Skilled Any Other Categories By Whatever Name Called Which Are Of Highly Skilled Nature 565.00

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